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High risk alcohol consumption is a problem on many college campuses. The Drug and Alcohol Resource Center encourages students to make safe and responsible choices about alcohol use.

College Alc was developed to address three basic principles: 1) Alcohol use can cause harm; 2) This harm can be prevented; and 3) College students can do a great deal to prevent alcohol-related harm. With these principles in mind, College Alc provides a serious exploration of the role of alcohol in the collegiate experience, responsible decision making regarding alcohol, and strategies for avoiding negative consequences.

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Getting Started
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Step 2: Install (or reinstall) Macromedia Flash 8 on the Internet Explorer browser or Macromedia Flash 8 on the Safari browser.
Step 3: Turn off ALL popup blockers in your browser as well as any search engine pop-up blockers (e.g., Yahoo) and any virus scan software (e.g., McAfee).
Step 4: If you are a new user, click on Don't have a username? Click here. Complete the registration form using your new SCSU email address as your username. You will be required to enter the registration code provided by the Drug and Alcohol Resource Center.
Step 5: Once you log on to the system, click on the College Alc program under the Course Catalog. For more details on the College Alc course, click on the Details icon.
Step 6: To access the course, click on the Go icon.
Step 7: Follow the instructions to take the confidential precourse survey and complete the course.

System Requirements:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer
Mozilla Firefox, Version or newer
Apple�s Safari 1.2 or higher

The College Alc course and survey programs use pop-up windows. If you are using a pop-up blocker, please change the settings to turn off all pop-up blockers.
For Firefox users:
Go to �Tools� at the top of your browser.
Tools > Options > Content > first option, uncheck "Block Popup Windows"
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